Thursday, 23 February 2012

Time is

When you think about it, it is all that is. Without time nothing is possible, if you have time everything is possible. Despite its evident need, why isn’t time a friend? Time is only ever an enemy, which probably explains why so many people find killing time such a worthy pastime.
                 “Thou shalt not kill.”
Said one man whose teachings span the religious beliefs of so many. Although Moses did make it quite clear that they weren’t his words. I wonder if Moses though that God had included time in this most valuable commandment.
                  Time, the necessity of everything, the enemy of everyone. Why is it the enemy? If you cut short your own lifetime in order to extend another’s, is that a waste of time? The majority of your daily actions will either shorten or extend your lifetime. If a child is born and dies within the same hour, would you consider that a life? If so when something is guaranteed to last a lifetime, what exactly is that worth?
                   Is asking or trying to answer any of these questions a waste of time? When all is said and done what would (if anything) be considered a valuable use of time?

To trouble yourself with such unanswerable ponders will never put a smile on your face. As far as I’m concerned, a smile on your face is the most valuable possession there could possibly be. To smile wildly on your dying day is a gift many have died for. Millions have been spent on it. To reach the end and be completely satisfied with all you have accomplished is at the very best a rarity. This brings me back to the child who lives and dies in a fraction of a day. Is that child satisfied with their accomplishments? Is just a glimpse of a day enough to say that you have lived? Is it enough time for them to realise that they have lived at all? When reaching the end few can say that they have truly lived and died in such a short space of time that is after all, just a day.            

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